Your Stamps Buying Tutorial – Read, If You Want To Buy Stamps

If you are reading this post right now, that means you are in search of a guide which goes deep in details of buying a stamp. I can feel your pain.

But before we go any further, would you mind reading my story? I hope you won’t so I am continuing.

So, it all started when I went on one whole week vacation to San Diego. This place is awesome and its a must must visit place if you are fond of beaches.

When I reached back to my home (New York) I wanted to write my experience of that trip into words and send that postcard to my friend who lives in Japan.

I wrote everything in the postcard, got an envelope everything was ready but at the last moment I got a sudden shock; I WAS REQUIRED A POSTAL STAMP TO GET MY POSTCARD SENT!

Now, the question was where I can buy a stamp? Like, a modern guy like me have never got any work to do with stamp.

Being a tech savvy I never thought of using traditional mediums of communication as I have WhatsApp to send quick texts and Gmail for official mails.

So, now my job was to find a shop which sells stamps, I visited every single store near to me but unluckily I found no success.

Then, I grabbed my phone and used my modern techniques, made a search where to buy a stamp and luckily I found this website which I have linked (you would be able to spot it in black color an underlined line).

This guide was all that I needed, it helped me in finding the stores and shops which deals in stamps.

I was so happy to know that Walmart does sell stamps and that was the exact place from where I bought my stamps.

However, that guide was really interesting and I made it to read it till end, just for knowledge purpose I am letting you know what you can even buy stamps online.

A very popular postal service do this job very efficiently, is your way to go. They do sell stamps and deliver it right next to your door step.

Amazon plays a very similar role, they too sell stamps and have the same process of getting the stamps delivered.

ATMS, Banks, Gas Stations and Office Supplies do sell stamps as well but you might face hard times in finding the right location.

I would personally recommend to make purchases of stamps online as it is a hassle free method and does not require you to walk-in any where.

I am attaching a video below which goes in details of Stamps pricing, so If you want to know the latest prices of Stamps then this video is for you.

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