Pillars of Eternity Gameplay

It’s very frustrating… I understand that a level cap is needed to avoid your avatar from becoming too much powerful, but then you developers are paid to find us an alternative ! I love to complete every quests available… it’s not my fault if there are tons of things to do… should i just complete only half the quests you have created ?!? Should i piss on your creativity ? It’s such a nonsense for the completionist i am to see such barriers !

And this time it wasn’t about Grinding !

When i said on a forum one day that i didn’t like to see a level cap, one guy answered that i might play to a “mmorpg”… That’s not the problem ! Nothing is going to be resolved by playing to a mmorpg ! It’s only going to delay the issue… Besides i really hate Mmorpgs and the “Grinding” effect, where people are gathering to grind experience killing the same mobs for hours… That’s not RPG… that’s just “trying to become powerful in no time !” and that’s not the point here !

What i hate even more than a level cap is “grinding” monsters to raise in levels faster… Take Pillars of Eternity where grinding is impossible, as you don’t gain that much experience from creatures, and really only from completing quests… And that didn’t prevent me to reach the Max Level 16 too fast ! And i still have the Part 2 of the White March to complete, as well as the Act 3 of the game… and yeah i have already maxed out my whole party exactly how.



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