Top Arsenal Executive: Sports

That is not a misquote. Those are the words of Arsenal chief commercial officer Tom Fox who feels that the brand is more important than the team.

Fox was interviewed about Arsenal’s new shirt sponsorship deal with the Emirates and his comments are sure to infuriate Arsenal fans, especially with the team anguishing in 10th spot in the Premier League, after being beaten 2-0 at home by Swansea last weekend, and were booed off by their increasingly angry supporters.


Here is what FOx had to say:

“Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning.

“We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who want to feel as if they belong to the club, and want to feel proud to belong to the club. That’s my primary business.”

Fox went on to claim that the supporters take pride in the club finding and developing young talent as well as the building of the Emirates Stadium.

“Obviously nothing instills pride in our fan-base more than winning, but there’s many things we do that make our fans feel proud.

“Developing young talent and finding those players in the marketplace make our fans feel proud.

“Whether it’s Serge Gnabry, who is a 17-year-old player in our reserve squad, whether it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whether it’s Theo Walcott, we look at these young players and have faith in our manager to develop them as the players for the future.

“And the fans come to a stadium that the club built really at a time 10 years ago when the board decided to build that stadium.

“Everything was going our way, it was Manchester United and Arsenal.

“But we made a very bold decision and we built that stadium on time and on budget — that makes our fans very proud.

“When they see that we can attract — even though we haven’t won a trophy in seven years — one of the top global brands in the world for the type of money and financial commitment they’re making, that makes our fans feel proud.

“So our brand is defined by more than winning.

“Football can be a fairly mercenary commercial environment.

“Football clubs go into the market and they really do business with whoever wants to pay them the most money.

“By the time this current shirt deal expires with Emirates, they would have been on our shirt for 13 years.

“That says a lot about how we run the football club and what’s important to us as a football club.

“So it’s not just about finding the best commercial opportunity. “

The irony I find in Fox’s comments is that Arsenal’s commercial revenues, which is his responsibility, have been really disappointing compared to the other top teams in Europe. Maybe Fox should spend more of his time increasing Arsenal’s commercial revenues instead of talking about football, which he obviously knows nothing by clicking.

How to Plan a Successful Playground Design

There are numerous advantages to kids having safe playgrounds to play on. Just as advancing activity, they can have some good times, utilize their creative energy and learn fundamental abilities. On the off chance that you are thinking about a playground establishment, at that point there is clear direction to how the procedure ought to develop. Attachment to this procedure will definitely result in a predominant completion.


The most vital guidance for arranging a playground is to take as much time as is needed. On the off chance that you are hurried into any basic leadership, at that point all things considered, the final product won’t suit your individual prerequisites. There are such a significant number of choices and plans that it is vital to think of them as all preceding focusing on the last structure.

Another component that will help lead to victory is the association of the kids that are utilizing the space. Enable them to make their very own thoughts of how they might want the hardware to look. This will ensure that they esteem their new play space and will empower your picked playground organization to tailor the plans to accessible items. It is surely known inside the business that thought age from kids can be extraordinarily ingenious and rousing.

Following on flawlessly from this is the securing of a respectable playground organization. They will bolster you through the whole procedure and will be coordinated by the strictest rules in connection to security. Their experience will permit them the chance of fitting your plans to give further profit.

A site visit will be directed which will enable your picked organization to decide the space they need to work with. This will permit them the chance to talk about conceivable restrictions or openings. It might be that you need direction concerning the definite items and hardware accessible. The majority of this should be custom-made to your spending limitations and individual necessities.

Starting here a structure will be created. This is frequently the phase where there is a great deal of changes and discourses so as to accomplish the best plan. Now the envisioned idea will become animated. Both you and the kids included will almost certainly observe what the final product will look like in the genuine space.

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Pillars of Eternity Gameplay

It’s very frustrating… I understand that a level cap is needed to avoid your avatar from becoming too much powerful, but then you developers are paid to find us an alternative ! I love to complete every quests available… it’s not my fault if there are tons of things to do… should i just complete only half the quests you have created ?!? Should i piss on your creativity ? It’s such a nonsense for the completionist i am to see such barriers !

And this time it wasn’t about Grinding !

When i said on a forum one day that i didn’t like to see a level cap, one guy answered that i might play to a “mmorpg”… That’s not the problem ! Nothing is going to be resolved by playing to a mmorpg ! It’s only going to delay the issue… Besides i really hate Mmorpgs and the “Grinding” effect, where people are gathering to grind experience killing the same mobs for hours… That’s not RPG… that’s just “trying to become powerful in no time !” and that’s not the point here !

What i hate even more than a level cap is “grinding” monsters to raise in levels faster… Take Pillars of Eternity where grinding is impossible, as you don’t gain that much experience from creatures, and really only from completing quests… And that didn’t prevent me to reach the Max Level 16 too fast ! And i still have the Part 2 of the White March to complete, as well as the Act 3 of the game… and yeah i have already maxed out my whole party exactly how.