Your Stamps Buying Tutorial – Read, If You Want To Buy Stamps

If you are reading this post right now, that means you are in search of a guide which goes deep in details of buying a stamp. I can feel your pain.

But before we go any further, would you mind reading my story? I hope you won’t so I am continuing.

So, it all started when I went on one whole week vacation to San Diego. This place is awesome and its a must must visit place if you are fond of beaches.

When I reached back to my home (New York) I wanted to write my experience of that trip into words and send that postcard to my friend who lives in Japan.

I wrote everything in the postcard, got an envelope everything was ready but at the last moment I got a sudden shock; I WAS REQUIRED A POSTAL STAMP TO GET MY POSTCARD SENT!

Now, the question was where I can buy a stamp? Like, a modern guy like me have never got any work to do with stamp.

Being a tech savvy I never thought of using traditional mediums of communication as I have WhatsApp to send quick texts and Gmail for official mails.

So, now my job was to find a shop which sells stamps, I visited every single store near to me but unluckily I found no success.

Then, I grabbed my phone and used my modern techniques, made a search where to buy a stamp and luckily I found this website which I have linked (you would be able to spot it in black color an underlined line).

This guide was all that I needed, it helped me in finding the stores and shops which deals in stamps.

I was so happy to know that Walmart does sell stamps and that was the exact place from where I bought my stamps.

However, that guide was really interesting and I made it to read it till end, just for knowledge purpose I am letting you know what you can even buy stamps online.

A very popular postal service do this job very efficiently, is your way to go. They do sell stamps and deliver it right next to your door step.

Amazon plays a very similar role, they too sell stamps and have the same process of getting the stamps delivered.

ATMS, Banks, Gas Stations and Office Supplies do sell stamps as well but you might face hard times in finding the right location.

I would personally recommend to make purchases of stamps online as it is a hassle free method and does not require you to walk-in any where.

I am attaching a video below which goes in details of Stamps pricing, so If you want to know the latest prices of Stamps then this video is for you.

Meals To Lose Weight: All About Super Foods

These days many people are trying to diet and for such goal Ben Pakulski has created a perfect program popularly known as Mass Intention 40, check MI40 Review here. They may want to lose weight for a special occasion, such as their best friend’s wedding or the high school reunion.  They may be looking to lose weight to better their health.  Or they may be battling the unsightly side effects of carrying too much weight – man boobs, beer bellies, and the like.

The weight loss battle

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight realizes that there are really only two things that will work – diet and exercise.  Exercise is no fun and diets are hardly better.  In fact, many people have a hard time sticking to a diet because of the side effects – they are tired, hungry, and moody.  Not to mention that diets leave them craving all the foods that they should not eat, making it more likely that they will result to a binge, damaging their efforts.

Our bodies want to gain weight.  This is a throwback to the Stone Ages when humans would go through periods were food was scarce.  If the hunters were unable to take down a mammoth or other large prey, or if the growing season was thrown off making plant foods scarce, then they had to have a way to survive.  So the body stored extra food as fat that could be burned for energy later on.

These days we are in a battle with ourselves.  We have to convince our body that we don’t need to store extra fat.  Since we are no longer spending our days constantly on the move, we also have to find a way to burn off extra fat before it becomes a problem.  And while exercise is important, your diet is crucial.  The types of food that you eat will determine whether your diet has a positive or a negative impact on your weight.

How super foods can help

If you are looking for a powerful way to makeover your diet, super foods are the way to go.  You may be eating some of these foods now, or you can find an easy way to add these foods to your diet.  The only difference between a super food and a not-so-super one is the fact that super foods are packed with higher nutrients and phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients are extra ingredients that are found in foods that give them an extra health benefit.

For those people that are trying to lose weight, these super foods can be the difference between success and failure.  Since they are more filling than sugary options, they can help keep you from mindless snacking throughout the day.  And since they are packed with nutrients they can give you the energy that your body needs to get through the day and your workout.

Planning a meal around super foods

If you plan your meals around super foods, then you will quickly see the excess body fat melt away, and you will have discovered the secret to diets that work.  Remember that you should still watch portion control and that the super foods should be used in place of less healthy choices, not in addition to.


Fiber is a super nutrient in its own right because it assists with many functions throughout the body.  For starters, foods high in fiber take longer to digest than other foods, so therefore you feel full longer.  Eating a diet rich in fiber will keep you from feeling hungry all the time, a common diet complaint that leads to diet failure.  Plus fiber helps to keep your digestive system moving at a steady pace, preventing troublesome constipation and gas when eaten on a regular basis.  Super foods that are high in fiber include apples, beans, broccoli, and whole grain seeded bread.


Protein is another super nutrient that takes longer to digest, helping the body to feel satisfied for longer.  Plus protein is a necessary component in the growth and repair of muscles.  Since exercising places strain on your muscles, you want to make sure that you are giving them the building blocks that they need to repair.

The problem with protein is that many proteins come from animal sources that can be high in fat.  So you have to use your judgment when deciding between a cheeseburger and some grilled fish.  Salmon is one of the best protein choices that you can have.  Besides being low in fat, it also contains essential fatty acids that help with body functions and can work to lower cholesterol.  For a vegetarian protein source, beans are another good choice.  Besides being high in protein beans are also high in fiber, causing them to be one of the most filling foods ounce for ounce.


Antioxidants help to repair damage throughout the body.  This can slow down the aging process and keep you feeling good for longer amounts of time.  Most fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.  Apples are a good choice for fruit, since they are also packed with vitamin C and fiber.  Apples also travel well, allowing them to be an easy snack choice even when on the run.  Broccoli is a good vegetable choice for antioxidants.  It is also full of vitamins and fiber, and just two florets count as a serving.  If you don’t like to eat broccoli plain, consider a low fat dipping sauce instead of rich dressings and cheeses.

Another good source of antioxidants is tea.  If you are looking for a healthy alternative to soda, or something flavored to drink in place of water, tea is a good choice.  Unsweetened tea is low in calories and full of antioxidants.  Keep in mind that many teas also contain caffeine, so avoid drinking too much if you are sensitive to stimulants or suffer from anxiety symptoms.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are used by the body in numerous ways.  They can help fight high cholesterol and blood pressure problems, effectively reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke.  Olive oil is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Try replacing butter with olive oil in your recipes to help boost their nutritional content.  Fish, especially salmon, is another good source of fatty acids, as well as a good protein source.

If you are looking to lose weight, consider adding in some of these super foods.

Here’s a video which will tell you about 20 amazing foods which will help you to reduce weight

How to Choose the Correct Gas Engineer

It’s a fact of life that sooner or later we all find we need to invite an engineer into our homes and make repairs. While it’s great to keep our boilers and ovens in tip-top condition, the stress of finding the right company to hire is often more hassle than the problem itself. Questions such as “how do I find the most reasonably priced engineer?” or “how do I ensure I’m not inviting a cowboy into my home?” are the kind of things that will go through your head. While nothing is fool-proof, there are some simple tips you can follow so that you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

Gas Safe is gas safe

The best way to ensure your engineer knows what he or she is doing is to check that they’ve been registered by Gas Safe as being a reliable company. Any Gas Safe-approved company will display the information on their website but to be extra sure check their Gas Safe card, which every engineer should carry on them at all times, upon their arrival. An engineer with nothing to hide will not be offended by your request.

Get a quote before you agree

Emailing companies is a great way to explain your situation so that they can analyse what you’ve told them and offer you a rough quote. Don’t automatically go with the company who offers the cheapest price; remember that labour is factored in to the cost, so a cheap deal is not necessarily the best value. Make sure you agree on a price before inviting them to your home, and print any written confirmation of the agreed quote. They should not do extra work which would increase the cost without your approval. If you have any doubt about how the work should be carried out, you can always call the British Gas contact number to query any concerns.

Do your research

Research the problem you’re having and look at various companies’ websites to get an idea of their pricing and capabilities. Don’t hire a company who don’t offer customers a guarantee; if they don’t express that they’ll put any mistakes or problems as a result of their work right, they obviously don’t have confidence in their own abilities and you shouldn’t either.

Ask around

Word of mouth truly is the best advertisement. While reviews on a company’s website could be false or inaccurate, your friends or relatives have no reason to protect an engineer who hasn’t done a very good job in the past. Gas safety in the home is a priority in every family home, so you can be sure that a good review from a friend is something that you can count on.

Working with gas is a specialised skill with a great deal of responsibility; a shoddy job could have serious consequences for your family. Ensuring you hire the best man for the job can take a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth the bit of extra work to keep your family’s best interests at heart.

Signing Up For The Services Of A VPS Server

What Is VPS Web Hosting

Not everyone will have the financial capabilities to sign up for the services of a dedicated website hosting solution. Those people do not have to worry anymore because now they have access to virtual private server based website hosting. In the simplest words, this form of website hosting is a combination of dedicated hosting and shared website hosting. Those who sign up for this particular hosting service will be able to experience the benefits of having dedicated resources of a web server at a cheap price tag.

Experience The Difference With VPS

You need to be aware of certain parameters before signing up for a VPS based website hosting. As mentioned earlier, a virtual private server based website hosting will enable you to access dedicated resources. This is possible because of the various virtualization software products that are present in the open market. These hosting packages can vary from one service provider to the other. It is important to do your share of research work into the niche in order to find reliable service providers. Signing up for the services of such companies will only work out in a beneficial manner especially when we consider the long-term. For instance, are you aware of the fact that search engines attribute a higher page rank to websites that are more responsive to the crawling bots? Such parameters are crucial for someone who is planning to earn their monthly wages by signing up for an appropriate hosting package.

Some Other Parameters To Consider

Contrary to the popular belief systems, those who sign up for virtual private server based hosting will never get to experience any kind of limitations on their accounts. They can even reboot the server resources allocated to them. Most of the website hosting companies now offer one click installation mechanisms that will enable even the most novice of the users to set up a professional looking website within minutes. It is possible to classify these systems into two

  • Windows based VPS hosting
  • Linux based VPS hosting

As a rule of thumb, the latter will be cheaper in comparison with the former. This is because Linux is open source and the website hosting company does not pay any fee amounts for using the operating system. You may also have to take into account of the uptime guaranteed by the website hosting company. Look out for the presence of 24/7 customer support available to the members.

Sensible Advice to Heed Before Getting a Credit Card

Irrespective of whether you’ve just decided to get your very own first credit card, or have several others in the card-holder section of your wallet, there are several things you need to bear in mind. While also being incredibly convenient for everyday use, a credit card also comes with a great responsibility on your part. Sure, paying your bills, paying for your groceries and getting your shopping done at the mall will become easier than ever. You will find it easy to make payments online or over the phone, but you will also be potentially exposing yourself to several financial risks. Before signing any contracts for a new credit card, no matter the institution you are signing with, you need to be educated on how to choose from among the best credit cards Read on below for some brief, commonsense pieces of advice on how to handle this situation.

One Card Too Many

How many credit cards do you have already? If you own two or more credit cards, then perhaps you would be best advised not to take another one. After all, selectivity is usually the best option, especially in an uncertain economic climate. If you tend to use a particular card for a particular type of purchase or service, then you basically don’t need more than two cards. Before getting another one, or even before getting your first credit card ever, figure out how you are going to pay for it and what you would be using it for. After all, with too much credit on your hands, you would be basically setting yourself up for a lot of trouble—excessive debt and spending, financial decisions that are insufficiently thought through and various other types of problems. Remember that credit cards are meant to make your life easier, not further complicate it unnecessarily.

Keep Your Spending in Check

If you receive lots of credit card offers in your inbox or mailbox, you might easily be tempted to believe that you can afford it. This is not necessarily the case, especially if you already have several credit lines up and running. As a matter of fact, lenders tend to market their products to people who already have credit cards, as they believe that they stand to make the most money off you. Their theory is that, if you can afford to be so lax with your spending habits as to take out more than one card, then they’ll have no problem charging you with astronomic interest rates.

Careful with Special Offers

As with every other field, credit cards that become available on special offer are worth reading the fine print for. If the special offer includes a zero interest rate, for instance, you can bet your bottom dollar that this type of interest will only be offered for a limited range of time—typically between six and twelve months. The point lenders make here is that, once you’ve been lured in, they can afford to send the level of the interest rate through the roof. Choose a credit card with a fixed, low interest rate, since variables are rarely profitable for debtors.

Addressing Gender Inequity, One Scarf at a Time

In the Ethiopian town of Maychew, in excess of 500 ladies assembled in October 2014, some to get scarves of verdant green and marigold and others to get comparatively hued umbrellas amid a function to welcome them and to commend a hotly anticipated move in sexual orientation value. With this function, these ladies joined a great many other people who are at long last picking up indistinguishable portrayal for their work from their male partners, thanks to some extent to a conduct change interchanges (BCC) battle Danya International helped initiate all through Ethiopia.

Ladies ranchers contribute considerably to maintaining Ethiopia’s agrarian division, yet numbers demonstrate that both essential agriculturist cooperatives (PCs) and bigger rancher agreeable associations (FCUs) altogether underrepresent them. The Government of Ethiopia needs to change this. In 2014, they set up a 30-percent focus for female enrollment at these PCs and FCUs as an approach to stress the expanded effectiveness that these gatherings would appreciate through dynamic interest and authority from ladies.

This was the place Danya International could venture in and give the BCC bolster expected to make this objective a reality. Recognizing that enlistment is both the initial step and one of the greatest difficulties to expanding ladies’ investment, the U.S. Organization for International Development’s Agricultural Growth Program-Agribusiness and Market Development (AGP-AMDe) venture used Danya’s BCC aptitude to execute a motivation based enrollment drive that would help ladies ranchers step far from the societal standards that debilitated their support lastly participate.

On account of Danya’s community oriented effort battle, in excess of 78,000 ladies enlisted as new helpful individuals all through 2014, as indicated by government reports (AGP-AMDe has confirmed more than 42,000 of these registrants up until this point). The provincial normal enrollment increment for ladies went from 25 percent to 32.5 percent, with Maychew’s Bokra FCU detailing that 52 percent of its participation contained ladies ranchers—the most noteworthy level of ladies individuals in each of the four focused on districts. Each of the four areas have exhibited noteworthy enrollment increments among ladies farmers.Beginning in mid 2014, Danya’s BCC staff outlined and actualized a serious multi-lingual BCC system focusing on four AGP districts—Amhara; Oromia; Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region; and Tigray. They offered impetuses, for example, scarves for ladies who joined and umbrellas for current individuals who selected at least five ladies to join. Furthermore, the battle offered strolling tractors and cruisers to the PCs that demonstrated the most elevated increment in ladies members.

Beside the motivating forces offered for joining and selecting others, ladies ranchers as of now are announcing increments in pay and advantages on account of their new participation with PCs and FCUs. As demonstrated by Danya’s BCC battle, with the best possible measure of support, numerous ladies agriculturists all through these locales are at long last receiving the full benefit for what they sow.

Seriously, What is a Calorie?: Using Incentive Appeals and Old-School Techniques

Fear appeals seldom work in behavior change because, quite frankly, no one knows what it feels like to die. So even when we’re presented with tame fear appeals, like cigarette warning labels that read “may cause lung cancer” or nutrition facts listing high sodium or calorie counts, we shrug it off because we can’t “see” their effects on our weakened lungs or struggling heart (like we could see, say, the results of a broken arm or tattoo). The idea of cigarette tar or a calorie poses no threat to me because I can’t even fathom what it is in its basic form—much less what it may do to my body.

So what if, instead of threatening my life, the appeal threatened my quality of life by actually showing me the threat’s impact on the things that I deem most important? Suddenly, our “out of sight, out of mind” mantra shifts to “I’m still not convinced this thing will kill me in the future, but I understand that it will definitely infringe on my freedom/time/appearance/friends’ approval today!”

Check out the new research from Johns Hopkins University that builds upon this idea:

  • For 6 weeks, researchers posted signs near soda refrigerators in Baltimore stores that told purchasers it would take 50 minutes of running or 5 miles of walking to burn off the 250 calories in the soda they were about to buy.
  • Their report shows a decrease in the number of sodas purchased and an increase in the purchase of smaller sodas.
  • The results? Forty percent of those interviewed who noticed the signs said the information changed their decision about what they would buy.
  • Even better? The purchasing effects lasted 6 weeks after the signs were taken down.

But knowledge-increasing and behavior-nudging tools, like the researchers’ posters, are not new, you say. After all, app developers have bottled this idea before and applied it to some of our favorite mobile app downloads, showing us how poor diet decisions will eat away at our daily share of calories and how many Empire State Buildings we have “climbed” when we opt to use the stairs.


The problem? Pulling out a phone and scanning the bar code of a soda to see what impact it will have on my life is an added barrier for those for whom “getting fit” is not top-of-mind and who would buy the drink without thinking twice. For these people, who are literally holding the information-laden nutrition facts in their hands, information is not power. “Calorie” does not mean anything, so its threat falls flat.

For that reason, I really like the researchers’ use, here, of “old-school” techniques (posters, for crying out loud!) to nudge buyers at the point-of-purchase. The purchase power is still in their hands and they still can choose to ignore the sign without taking additional actions, but now “calorie” has more meaning. Nearly everyone buying the soda will see the poster and be reminded how far and time-consuming a 5-mile walk is—finally giving that calorie a face and value. Their soda-purchasing behaviors may not change but, who knows, maybe it will influence their potato-chip intake or TV time or miles walked later. At least now we’ve presented them with information that actually may be relevant to their day-to-day life instead of continuing to list that intangible, not-so-threatening calorie count and expecting it to do all the work.

What do calories “look” like to you? What nudges you to make healthier decisions? Have you seen fear appeals or “old-school” message techniques with positive outcomes?